Be On the Lookout for Academic Support Letters!

This week, letters will be sent out to families to let parents know if their child will receive Academic Support Services now that grade level Fall Benchmark assessments are finished. Some new students will be eligible to receive support. Some students who received support last year and during September and October will continue receiving help from the instructional aides. Other students who have made gains may be discontinued at this time. Those children will be monitored and if they need more help in the future they can reenter the program and their parents will be notified at that time.

If you received an Entry Letter, please return the Parent Contact Information Page as soon as possible.

Have you clicked on some of the links in the top menu of this blog? Explore them and you’ll find some resources and sites for both parents and students. If your child is new to the program you can also “meet” the Instructional Aides and me by clicking on the links at the top. Resources will be added along with new posts at least monthly throughout the year.

There will be a Parent Advisory Team meeting on  Thursday, November 14 at 8:45 a.m. We will review and update the Bennie School Compact. All parents with students in the program who have time available in their schedules that morning are invited to attend. Sign in at the Bennie Office and you’ll be directed to the correct room.

Please support the Scholastic Book Fair that is run by our Bennie PTA. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the children to get some new books or for you to shop for books for holiday gifts.


Sandy Artman, Bennie Reading Specialist Academic Support Services



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