Be On the Lookout for Academic Support Letters!

This week, letters will be sent out to families to let parents know if their child will receive Academic Support Services now that grade level Fall Benchmark assessments are finished. Some new students will be eligible to receive support. Some students who received support last year and during September and October will continue receiving help from the instructional aides. Other students who have made gains may be discontinued at this time. Those children will be monitored and if they need more help in the future they can reenter the program and their parents will be notified at that time.

If you received an Entry Letter, please return the Parent Contact Information Page as soon as possible.

Have you clicked on some of the links in the top menu of this blog? Explore them and you’ll find some resources and sites for both parents and students. If your child is new to the program you can also “meet” the Instructional Aides and me by clicking on the links at the top. Resources will be added along with new posts at least monthly throughout the year.

There will be a Parent Advisory Team meeting on  Thursday, November 14 at 8:45 a.m. We will review and update the Bennie School Compact. All parents with students in the program who have time available in their schedules that morning are invited to attend. Sign in at the Bennie Office and you’ll be directed to the correct room.

Please support the Scholastic Book Fair that is run by our Bennie PTA. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the children to get some new books or for you to shop for books for holiday gifts.


Sandy Artman, Bennie Reading Specialist Academic Support Services



Literacy Walk Final Results

An amazing $15, 477.05 was raised to buy new book sets for Bennie Bobcats!

Thank you Bennie Families, Friends and Staff for working together to provide books and literacy materials for our Bobcat Readers. In addition, the Business Sponsors/Donors listed below are to be commended for their generosity in supporting the 2019 Literacy Walk. All Bennie Students will benefit from having new reading material to learn from and enjoy!


The Taco Stand Taqueria, AP  *   Joe’s Carpet Service, Taylor   *   The Visionary, Allen Park

Signarama, Allen Park   *   Bill Brown Ford, Livonia   *   Law Offices of Miller and Miller, P.C. AllenPark

Burger Law Offices, Allen Park   *  Wishbone Restaurant, Allen Park   * Major Tomato, Allen Park

Allen Park Dental, Drs. Greg & Joanne Szalai   *  Tim’s Coney Island, AP   *

Liberati’s Italian Deli & Bakery, Allen Park  *  Sam Quisenberry State Farm, Southgate   *

Wayne County Bail Bonds, AP   *  Bambi’s Flowers, Allen Park   *   Sam’s Club, Southgate

Thank You Rotary Club of Allen Park!

Great News! The Rotary Club is going to donate a book each month for the entire school year to ALL first graders in Allen Park! Rotary Park members attended the Allen Park School Board Meeting on Monday, October 14 to share information about their generous donation. The board meeting was also attended by some first grade teachers and students who came to represent all first grades and thank the Rotary Club. Mrs. McCall and Mrs. Rader from Bennie joined Mrs. Latigo and Mrs. Rose from Lindemann and me in assisting the students and thanking the Rotary Club for the new books. Eight students from all three elementary buildings went to the microphone to thank the Rotary Club and shared what kind of books they like to read the most.

Books for Bobcats

Bennie Bobcats Thank Our Generous

Literacy Walk Business Donors/Sponsors:

The Taco Stand Taqueria, Allen Park/Taylor

Joe’s Carpet Service, Taylor

The Visionary, Inc., Allen Park

Signarama of Allen Park

Bill Brown Ford, Inc. Livonia

Law Offices of Miller & Miller P.C., Allen Park

Burger Law Offices P.C., Allen Park

Liberati’s Italian Deli & Bakery, Allen Park

Wishbone Restaurant, Allen Park

Major Tomato, Allen Park

AP Martial Arts Center

Allen Park Dental, Drs. Greg & Joanne Szalai

Tim’s Coney Island, Allen Park

Sam Quisenberry State Farm, Southgate

Wayne County Bail Bonds, Allen Park

Bambi’s Flowers, Allen Park

Sam’s Club, Southgate

Want to become a business sponsor? Cash donations or Checks made payable to Bennie Elementary can be mailed,

dropped off at the office or will be picked up by a Business Team staff member by calling Bennie’s office at 313-827-1300.

‘Books for Bobcats!’

It’s a great day to be a Bennie Business Partner

& Make a Difference!

Bennie Elementary

17401 Champaign

Allen Park, MI 48101



2019 Literacy Walk is this Thursday, October 10th!

Attention Parent Volunteers:

If you would like to help out at the Literacy Walk, please click on the link below and fill out the time you are able to help:

Sign Up for Literacy Walk Parent Volunteers


Parents, Grandparents, etc are welcome to come to cheer on the Bobcats as they walk/run around the High School Track. Sign in at Bennie’s Office for a Visitor’s Badge and then walk or drive over to the High School Track.

Literacy Walk Schedule for October 10th:

8:50-9:30               4th Grade

9:35-10:15             5th Grade

10:20-11:00           3rd Grade

Volunteers’ Lunch Break

12:15-12:55            1st Grade

1:00-1:40                2nd Grade

1:45 – 2:15              Kindergarten/Young 5s

(Rain Date: Tuesday, October 15th, if necessary.)

It’s a Great Day to Get More Books for Bobcats!

Did you know that donations can come from other countries, too? Last night someone in Canada donated money to buy new books for the Bobcats to read! How nice!

As of October 7th, family and friends have donated from:

Michigan              California

Ohio                      Florida

New York             Tennessee

Indiana                 Minnesota

Wisconsin           Pennsylvania

Oklahoma            South Carolina   

Missouri               Idaho     

Arizona                Texas              

16 STATES!!!                              

And, Ontario, Canada!!!    

Did you know…

  • Mrs. Metzger will dress up in a chicken costume and do the Chicken Dance for the Bobcats to show how happy she is after we reach our goal and are able to buy lots of new book sets for the Literacy Library?  These books will be checked out by the teachers and read by our students for years to come!
  • The top fundraising upper and lower el classrooms will earn a pizza party?
  • The top fundraiser from each grade will earn Lunch with the Principal?
  • Superstar fundraisers will enjoy having an ice cream sundae with Mrs. Artman after reaching the Goal of $150?  There are already 19 Bobcats who have reached this goal!
  • Any student who is registered and their webpage shared at least one time receives a small incentive prize?
  • All students will have a Flav-R-Ice freezer pop, a Bobcat Sticker and a fun time visiting the Jags’ track at the High School?
  • Pledges can be made using cash, checks payable to Bennie Elementary and charge through the site? Donations are accepted for the walk through October 18th!