What are the Five Essential Areas in Reading Instruction?

Five essential areas of reading instruction include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. In the links below are some parent hand-outs by a Michigan educator who also is a successful blogger. These short handouts explain what these critical areas are and what parents can do to help their children develop in these areas.

5 Big Ideas in Reading Instruction

Phonemic Awareness – Kindergarten

 Phonemic Awareness – First Grade

Learning Sight Words

 Oral Reading Fluency

Reading Comprehension


Extra Practice Pays Off!

Congratulations Gregory and Jack!

Greg and Jack have been using Reflex Math and putting in extra effort trying to achieve their math goals. Congratulations to both boys for meeting their first trimester goals. They are ready to move on to even more challenging math goals for the second trimester! We are proud of them!

Congratulations, Gregory!

Way to go, Jack!


Training to Benefit Students

As a part of ongoing school improvement, Allen Park Elementary Instructional Aides and Literacy Coaches recently participated in two full days of professional development. The course was held at Riley and conducted by Literacy Consultants from Wayne RESA. The consultants, Colleen Whalen and Mary Lu  Stribel covered research-based reading strategies and programs that would be beneficial to students receiving reading support service from kindergarten through fifth grade. Arno, Bennie and Lindemann support teams will return to their own buildings and begin to use the strategies with their students.

WRESA Literacy Consultants share information about analyzing reading cues students use or neglect with Allen Park Instructional Aides.                       

Bennie Instructional Aides learn additional strategies to help their students become better readers.