Week of March 30, 2020

Click on the link below to watch Mrs. Artman read the book Say Something! by Peter H. Reynolds.

Everyone has something they can say or do to make the world a better, happier place. You can say what matters to you in a story or poem or card or letter. What do you have to say that could cheer someone up?

Click here to hear the book Say Something!

Say Something! by Peter H. Reynolds

Click the link below to watch Mrs. Artman read the book Sticks by Diane Alber:

Click to hear Sticks Book 1   

Rocco liked this book. Do you?

Update on Academic Support this week:

I have been talking to and messaging all our Bennie Academic Support Instructional Aides almost every single day since school ended. They and their families are all doing OK. They miss their Bobcats very much and hope that they are still healthy and learning at home! Regards from Mrs. Wendy Cosgrove, Miss Sarah Kaminski, Mrs. Natalie Knaggs, Mrs. Keri Krakow, Mrs. Tiffani Martin, and Mrs. Patty Porter. We will all be happy when we can be back to Bennie and working with our Bobcats!

Mrs. Krakow spending some time reading at home. She wonders what you are reading at home. 😀


Mrs. Martin (Miss Tiff) enjoys reading while home, but misses her students! 📖


Miss Kaminski (Miss Sarah) misses all of you. She is taking college classes online like you are learning online.  💻  She is reading & her dog Pecan is enjoying listening.


Mrs. Porter’s cats like listening to her read- but she’d rather be at Bennie reading and doing math with YOU! 🐱 📚


Mrs. Cosgrove relaxes and reads at home. She’s taking a break from helping her sons with their schoolwork. 📚


Mrs. Knaggs is reading with her puppy Reggie.  She also has a horse that her daughter rides in competition.

Check out the Links for Learning at Home and other resources in the menu above or look at ones included in the previous March 23rd post.

Remember, you can email me at artman@appublicschools.com, as needed.


Week of March 23, 2020

These are truly historic times we are living through. One suggestion I saw suggested children who are old enough keep a journal or diary about what they are doing each day. This could combine writing, reading, artwork, etc. It could be saved and become a historical record to share with their children and grandchildren about what they did during the 2020 Pandemic. I would suggest keeping TV news to a minimum while the children are up, though. Too much exposure is not good for adults even let alone the children. Focus on the positive things, like the board games you’re playing, the walks, the card games they might be learning.

This past week, I have been using emails, FaceTime and Zoom and an app called HouseParty to keep in touch with families, colleagues from Allen Park Schools, and family members. I have started a Book Club to encourage my cousin’s 8 year old to read a chapter book. My cousin is a nurse manager at Michigan Medicine. She comes home exhausted and this is one way I can be supportive from afar.

If you haven’t done so already, you can encourage your children to call or FaceTime grandparents, aunts/uncles etc and read to them. They could tell them jokes, read a poem, tell facts they learned while doing their school work at home. Extended family and friends can be supportive to you and the Bobcats that way. And, getting to “be” with the children is a day brightener for many.

I will continue to update my blog and share information with classroom teachers for their Google Classroom sites.

My email address is artman@appublicschools.com

I wish I knew all the answers to how everything will be resolved in the coming weeks, but at this time I don’t. I am here for you, though, if you have questions.

Here’s some links to use at your discretion:

Activities for the Children and Family

Nasa pictures released

National Park Virtual Tours

Broadway Musicals 

Michigan Science Center

Olaf Actor Reads Stories

Children’s Authors Read Their Books

Stories Read in Spanish

Animated Stories

TED Talks for Kids

For older siblings/students:

TED Talks for Middle School

TED Talks for Middle and High School 


Message from Mrs. Artman – March 17

I want all our Bennie Bobcats to know that I care about you very much and miss you. I will be so happy to see you when we are back at school. In the meantime, I am going to post some additional resources on this blog that you can use while learning at home. We can learn anywhere! Please be patient while your teachers and school figure out the best ways to help you keep learning while you are home. We love all of you! Keep being respectful, responsible and safe. Help your family. Ask your parents if you can call someone to cheer them up. Maybe a grandparent, neighbor, aunt or uncle. You can help make others feel happier just by talking to them!

As always, I am available for emails at artman@appublicschools.com