Input Welcomed for Academic Support Programs

Sandy Artman and Cathy Gorski working on program evaluations and the Targeted Assistance school improvement plan.

Continuous improvement is important for success. Parents, teachers and children all have opportunities to evaluate the programs and offer suggestions and feedback regarding program design and implementation. Stakeholder input is used every year to make changes to improve the quality of our Academic Support Programs. Parents are encouraged to attend Advisory Team Meetings as well as completing surveys throughout the year.

Mrs. Page, Bennie Instructional Aide Retires

Bennie Instructional Aide Maureen Page is retiring this year after 15 years of service in Allen Park. Mrs. Page has helped many lower elementary children improve their reading and writing skills over the years. Mrs. Page plans to spend time with her grandchildren and has offered to come back next year to visit and volunteer at Bennie. Best wishes for a long and happy retirement!

Happy Retirement, Mrs. Page!

Mrs. Page enjoys cooking and will have more time to read and try some new recipes.