Lifelong Learning

Something that is vital to instill in and model for children is the concept of being a lifelong learner. Seeing parents, other adults and even teachers learning new things is important. Learning doesn’t stop after high school or college graduation or during the summer or on breaks. In order to be successful it takes the ability to adapt, be curious and continue to learn all throughout life.

Dr. Barbara Chuby, Arno’s Reading Specialist, and I have been attending a series of workshops sponsored by the Michigan Department of Education and Wayne County RESA ISD. These classes have focused on the latest research and best practices in literacy instruction and best methods for coaching literacy. We have many degrees and years of school behind us, and yet we are still learning. The knowledge we gain will enrich our teaching practices and benefit the Bennie Bobcats’ and the Arno Cougars’ students and staff.

Debbie Miller, nationally known author and educator shares information about reading workshops and motivating students.

Dr. Chuby with Sandy Artman

Dr. Chuby and I encourage you to let your children know how you learn new information for your work or for your personal life – such as reading to learn how to do a house project, taking a class or reading about a hobby that interests you. We are all lifelong learners!

2017 Bennie Literacy Walk


On October 13, Bennie Students took turns walking, running, skipping and dancing around the high school track to highlight the importance of reading and to raise funds for new books and reading materials for Bennie School. Each grade had 30 minutes to go around the track as many times as they could. Some of the classes extended the activity to math when they returned and calculated how many laps and miles they ran as an entire class. Parents, grandparents and other supporters came to cheer the walkers and runners as they made their way past water stations and the starting line to get their race bib cards slashed to show each lap they made.

The funds raised by this community activity will be used for reading book sets for the Literacy Library and other reading opportunities such as Reading A-Z subscriptions.  As of this time, relatives and supporters from 12 states, including Michigan, have contributed. A total of just over $8000 has been raised by the Bennie Bobcats and through local business donations.

Please support the following businesses who donated to the Literacy Library Fund:

  • Affordable Auto Service
  • Cassidy Real Estate
  • Sam Quisenberry State Farm
  • The Visionary
  • Re Max – Paul T. Endres
  • Ted’s Coney Island
  • The Glass Onion Griddle
  • Clayin’ Around Pottery
  • Liberati’s
  • Big Bens Comix
  • Custom Pro
The following businesses also supported the Bennie Bobcats by donating their services
  •  Signarama
  • Mrs. Julie Clair – photography and graphic art
 Please thank and let all these businesses know how much we appreciate their support!

Kindergarteners enjoy a popsicle break following their walk around the track.     

Thank you Signarama of Allen Park for this awesome sign and more!

Anxious to put more wonderful books in the hands of our Bobcat Readers!


Raising Readers October 2017

       Sandy Artman, Bennie Reading Specialist

Welcome to Raising Readers. I am Mrs. Artman, Bennie’s Reading Specialist. This blog will share information about ways parents can support their child’s early literacy development. It is also a place to look to see what is happening in the Academic Support Programs at Bennie Elementary School in Allen Park and find information, links and resources for growing readers.